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Here at Rogoff Dental Group, our guiding principles are our commitment to excellence in the art of dentistry and dedicated efforts to support humanitarian and environmental causes. Our practice is focused on strong teeth free of decay, healthy gums, disease-free oral health, and a properly functioning bite. We have been around Santa Fe for a while now, and our commitment to wholesome dental health is unparalleled.

Leading the team is Dr. Rogoff himself; coming from a long line of dentists, his passion for dentistry can be called hereditary. He believes honesty and integrity count the most when caring for others.

Dr. Harvey Simon is one of the leading practitioners in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry in the New Mexico region. With over 40 years of experience in the field, having him here with us at Rogoff Dental Group is a testament to our commitment to become the best in Santa Fe.

Next up is the founder of the renowned Lakind Dental Group, Dr. Leslie Lakind. Dr. Leslie is one of the most experienced veterans in the field of dentistry, and has extensively worked with the underprivileged population of Santa Fe. Happily retired after his years of service, his presence at the Rogoff Dental Group is one of the biggest assets to the mission of being the very best in Santa Fe.

To achieve the mission of becoming the best, Rogoff Dental Group is committed to honing in on skills and continuing their dental education. For starters, whenever he is not in the office, Dr. Rogoff is working with the Spears institute. This happens to be one of the world’s best dental education centers. Spears Institute has provided him the opportunity to share some of the most sophisticated cases he has worked on with the top most dentists in the world.

Dentists are required to complete 20 hours of education every year. Dr. Rogoff dedicates at least 150 hours annually! His dedication to the field is recognized around the world, as he has been asked to return to Spear Institute as a part of their visiting faculty to continually share his expertise.

He is not only committed to improving his own skills, he is also focused on his role leading the Santa Fe Spear Study Club.  Dr. Rogoff is creating a whole community of dentists aiming for nothing short of perfection. The study clubs at Spear Institute are made to support dentists in becoming more competent, confident and comfortable in the actual practice of dentistry. With monthly meetings which involve sharing and discussion of the latest innovations and literature in the field of dentistry, this has set a benchmark for delivering the best possible dental care.

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