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Teeth Whitening Options in Santa Fe

A bright, white smile can give you more confidence and make you feel better about yourself. When you’re seeking that smile, it’s a good idea to approach your dentist to see what can be done about it. There are many dental procedures that can help you achieve whiter teeth. But it’s important to know which is best, given your finances and your particular situation.

Don’t Believe Everything

Television commercials will have you believe that some do-it-yourself approaches will help you get whiter teeth. Many of these simply don’t work.

Your dentist will be able to evaluate your dental health and give you a customized solution to whiter, brighter teeth. Dentists usually recommend 3 methods that will lead to brighter, whiter teeth. They can suggest dental whitening procedures at their office, whitening tooth pastes, and whiteners that you can use at home. Let’s look at how each of these methods will work:

Dental Whitening Procedures

This method, also called in-office whitening, involves a dental procedure performed by the dentist at their office. First, the dentist applies a strong peroxide gel to your teeth and shines a light at the gel to initiate the procedure.

The strength of the gel allows you to get whiter teeth. If it is required, your dentist will also recommend a “scaling” procedure on your teeth to get rid of the excess plaque there.

Special Whitening Toothpastes

Special toothpastes help remove stains from your teeth. Some of the toothpastes have materials to make your teeth look brighter. There’s no actual color change or bleaching taking place. Rather, the toothpaste is polishing your teeth.

You brush your teeth with these toothpastes like you would with normal toothpastes. They may even take longer for you to see the effects, because they are just polishing your teeth.

Whitening at Home

You can also whiten teeth at home with whitening strips or gels. Or you can have a tray over your teeth with the gel inside it. A dentist-recommended whitener is better than a pharmacy bought one as the tray is custom-fitted for your teeth. This is going to reduce gum and gel contact. Your gums could be sensitive to the gel and can be get irritated.

These whiteners aren’t for long term use, however. Two weeks to a month of use should be enough. If you would like to know more about whitening procedures in Santa Fe, please contact us at Rogoff Dental Group.

The Top Brands of Electric Toothbrushes on the Market Today

The right toothbrush makes all the difference. With multiple options to choose from, many users opt for electrical toothbrushes instead of manual ones after learning of their benefits. Electrical toothbrushes are faster, medically-safe and make brushing easier.

But with so many different brands available in the market, each promising similar benefits it becomes hard for any user to choose.

Therefore to help all readers choose the best from the many choices available this article will list 4 top brands in the dental care market today with a brief of the best offerings they feature.


Housing some of the best and top-rated electric toothbrushes like the Philips Sonicare 2 Series and Philips DiamondClean smart sonic electric toothbrush, the manufacturer claims that they feature the best quality of electric toothbrushes there is. It offers two electrical brushing solutions -deep Clean and DiamondClean. The deep clean range of electric toothbrushes aims to fight plaque, remove harmful bacteria and prevent the gums from conditions like the gingivitis. The DiamondClean, as the name suggests, aims to offer sparkly white teeth while fighting plaque.

The electric toothbrushes are designed to reach those hard-to-get areas with ease. The electric toothbrushes oscillate, rotate and pulse at approximately 31,000 strokes per minute. Philips also claims that their impressive range of toothbrushes removes plaque ten times better than any other oral care brand in the market.


With exceptional and widely-recognized electric toothbrushes like Oral-B Pro 7000 and Oral-B Genius 9000, Oral-B stands tall as a leading manufacturer of dental care products available worldwide. With support from dentists worldwide, they claim that users that opt for their electric toothbrushes will never go back to their previous toothbrushes.

Their electric toothbrush range guarantees up to 100% removal of plaque that surrounds the teeth, given them a yellowish tint. The electric toothbrushes also promise to whiten teeth without damaging the enamel and gum. All the electric toothbrushes come with position detectors that beep every time the user brushes too hard. Oral-B is the first electrical toothbrush brand to receive an acceptance from the American Dental Association.


Short for “For Everyone”, the company never imagined they would become a renowned name in the dental hygiene industry. Their Foreo ISSA Hybrid electric toothbrush deserves praise for its outstanding features. Foreo is a conventional beauty company that focuses mainly on skin-care products. Their high-end products took the skincare industry by storm in a short time after their establishment. Today, they have over 50,000 stores in more than 40 countries worldwide, catering to millions of clients.

The launch of their ISSA electric toothbrush series has empowered people to take better care of their oral hygiene.


One of the biggest global conglomerates Colgate Palmolive started out as a soap and candle shop by William Colgate in the heart of New York in the 19th century. Today, it has become a household name with over a thousand different products in their portfolio. From toothpaste to skin care lotions, the brand has paved its way into every home. Their electric toothbrush series is worth all the hype too. Housing more than one electric toothbrush, it features an easy-to-grip handle that snug perfectly in the fingers. A majority of their designs promise bacteria and plaque removal to 99%. Their models also feature a cheek and tongue cleaner a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

If one was to pick the finest from the lot, we suggest giving the Colgate ProClinical a try.  

Why Regular Dental Cleaning and Check Ups Make a Huge Difference

Even the most diligent of flossers sometimes miss out small areas in between the teeth that begin to rot or become prone to gum diseases. This buildup of food particles upon solidification turns into tartar. Its retrieval is not only a time-consuming and painful procedure but also one that costs a lot.

On the other hand, paying the dentist every 4 to 6 months can be life-saving and also light on the pocketbook in the longer run. Therefore, if you were conspiring to skip the appointment just so that you can eliminate the extra costs, this article is for you.

Take a look and we are positive that by the time you are done reading, you will book an appointment with your dentist at the earliest.

Detect Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer like most cancers is very hard to diagnose. It is usually diagnosed once it has metastasized. However, it can be prevented and stopped from spreading. This is possible with early detection which makes regular dental checkup a must for everyone. Statistics reveal that every hour, 1 person in America expires due to oral cancer (24 people in a day). The chances of spreading of oral cancer can be lowered as much as by 90% with regular checkups.

Prevent Gum Diseases

Plaque and tarter not only result in the decaying of the tooth, they also erode the gum’s sensitive tissues over time. This leads to an infection of the gums known as gingivitis. As the infection progress, the gum completely detaches itself from the tooth, causing the tooth to fall out. Furthermore, the swelling, bleeding, soreness and excruciating pain are all its invitees.

All that one needs to do in order to avoid this is to go for regular dental checkups and have the issue addressed before it gets out of hand.

Prevent Strokes

Did you know that multiple studies reveal a connection between gum diseases and heart attacks and strokes? Albeit, there still needs to be concrete proof of it, if it were true, the importance of regular checkup and dental cleaning can’t be stressed enough.

Gives You a Confident Smile

Stains from drinking coffee/tea or smoking can leave one’s teeth looking yellow or grayish. This discoloration often becomes the reason for isolation among teenagers. They feel less confident and open to communication as they fear they might be judged on their unhygienic practices. A trip to the nearest dentist regularly can prevent this from happening.

Prevents Bad Breath

Similar to discoloration of teeth, bad breath too, is an instant turn off. Bad breath is an indicator or gum disease or poor cleaning of the teeth. When the food remains stuck between the teeth, it begins to rot and causes the mouth to smell bad. When one goes for a regular dental checkup, the dentist will dispose of any such food particles and also suggest practices to stop it from happening in the future.

Prevents Tooth Loss

No one would like to have their teeth fall out, become hollow or ache. However, when cavities are offered a ground base in between the teeth, the bacteria starts to rip off good calcium from the teeth. This results in the decay of the tooth. When left untreated for long, the tooth becomes so weak that there remains no option but to extract it out.

However, if the dentist is visited on a regular basis, any such teeth in need of some repairing will be spotted and repaired in a timely manner, preventing the chances of a tooth loss. Again, the dentist will recommend practices that will help prevent the buildup of cavities in the first place.