I Cracked a Tooth: What do I do?

Having a cracked tooth is not a pleasant situation. It can hurt to the core. And it can get much worse if not handled properly.


Why do teeth crack?

Some of the things that can cause a tooth to crack are:

  • Putting your teeth under pressure through extreme tooth grinding

  • Weakening of teeth by large filings

  • A blow to the lower jaw or chin

  • Gum disease that causes bone loss.

  • Drastic changes to the mouth temperature

  • Biting or chewing hard things such as boiled sweets, fruit stones or meat bones.

How to tell your tooth is cracked

Signs can be difficult to notice and they can vary from one person to another. From time to time, you might experience some pain when you bite or chew. Additionally, when you eat something extremely cold, you might feel some discomfort.

Also, the area around the affected tooth might swell. The pain can be severe. Pain relievers can dull the pain, but they are not a good long-term solution.

What you can do about a cracked tooth

Don’t even think about treating a defective tooth at home. You will have to see a dentist as soon as possible. If the pain is persistent, you may have damage to a nerve or underlying tissue and infection could then become an issue.

Avoid chewing with the side of the tooth that hurts. If you continue chewing and biting using the affected tooth, you might end up hurting the soft tissue in the inside of your tooth which contains the blood vessels and nerves.

Treatment options available for a cracked tooth

While Dr. Rogoff can repair cracked teeth in some cases, in others the offending tooth will need to be extracted. A consultation at the office will be necessary to determine what the best course of action is.