Dental Bonding: How it Can Improve Your Smile

Dental bonding is a procedure that uses tooth-colored composite resin material to correct a variety of dental issues. This photosensitive material is applied to natural teeth and hardened with light to bond it to the tooth. Bonding is usually indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth. Read on to learn how bonding can improve your smile:

Fill Spaces Between Teeth

If you want to close unsightly gaps between your teeth without the time and expense of braces, bonding is a great solution. Your dentist will apply the composite material to each side of the tooth until the gap disappears. Bonding can fix gaps in less than an hour, which is much faster than orthodontic treatment. The downside is that bonding only lasts 10 years on average, but the results of orthodontic treatment are usually permanent.

Fix Damaged or Decayed Teeth

One of the most common uses for dental bonding is to repair teeth that have been damaged or have decay. As long as the damage has not reached the pulp or root of the tooth, bonding can easily fill in chips and cracks in teeth. Bonding has also replaced amalgam fillings as the number one choice for filling teeth after the removal of dental caries. The composite material is safer and more aesthetically pleasing than metal amalgam.

Alter the Shape or Size of Teeth


Teeth often wear down and become misshapen due to aging and wear and tear. Misshapen teeth are not just a cosmetic concern. Teeth that are too short or uneven can cause a malocclusion, which means that the biting surfaces of your teeth don't come together properly, leading to jaw pain, headaches, and tooth damage. Bonding can lengthen and re-shape teeth with less pain, less time and at a lower cost than other options like veneers and crowns.

Protect Teeth From Receding Gums

Periodontal disease and receding gums are common causes of tooth loss. When gums recede, tooth roots can become exposed. The teeth then become vulnerable to pain and sensitivity, loosening and falling out. Dental bonding is a simple, affordable way to protect your teeth by covering the tooth roots with composite material. Bonding on exposed roots can potentially save your teeth and save you from costly surgeries like gum grafts.

Restore Discolored Teeth

For most cases of discolored teeth, a simple whitening procedure to remove stains is all that's needed. However, whitening only works on surface stains and some teeth become discolored below the surface from things like medications and illnesses. If you have permanently discolored teeth, bonding can bring back your pearly whites. The entire surface of a discolored tooth can be covered with a composite bonding material in a brighter, even color.

If you think your smile could benefit from bonding, call Rogoff Dental Group today for a consultation. Bonding is usually a very quick procedure that can be completed in one visit, which means you can be smiling brighter in no time if you're a good candidate.