Protect Yourself From Tooth Decay

Your oral health is one of the most important things in your life. A lot of people take their teeth for granted and then the point comes where tooth decay starts happening. It becomes one of the worst problems you can ever have in your life. This is why the importance of protecting yourself from tooth decay cannot be emphasized enough. But what is tooth decay? When most people hear of the term ‘tooth decay’, they think the cavity in your teeth. Which is only a part of the whole story.

Tooth decay starts well before the forming of a cavity.

There is a coating of plaque on everybody’s teeth. When you consume certain foods, the plaque turns acidic in nature which in turn affects the harder coating of protective enamel. This breakdown of enamel is what actually constitutes tooth decay. If you are not able to catch this early, it results in the formation of cavities in your teeth.  If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know how uncomfortable this can be!

Protecting Yourself from Tooth Decay

You know what the best cure to tooth decay is? Prevention.

How can you prevent the problem of tooth decay and maintain good dental health? It’s actually quite simple: keep a daily regimen of excellent dental hygiene. A solid routine will always be your first line of defense against tooth decay. Of course sometimes it cannot be enough. There is something you can do to gain additional protection– it’s called dental sealant.

Dental sealants are a protective coating dentists can apply to the teeth towards the back of your mouth. These teeth are most susceptible to tooth decay because they do most of the work required to chew. Due to their complex structure, your toothbrush cannot clean the molars and premolars as effectively as it can your front teeth. This increases the chances of plaque buildup and food getting trapped increase.

When dentist applies sealant to the chewing surface of your back teeth a barrier is formed, which protects the rough and complex structure of your teeth. The sealant creates a thin yet incredibly strong coating which protects your teeth from being damaged.

Dental sealants can last for years before needing replacement. It’s important to implement a good dental hygiene routine so the sealants can be as effective as possible. Make sure you get the dental sealants checked by your dentist every time you pay a visit. Your dentist will know whether they need to be changed or repaired.

Good Dental Hygiene Means Good Dental Health

We cannot emphasize this enough: your dental health lies in your daily routine.  

If you need help establishing the best dental care routine or deciding if you need sealants, contact us.  It’s what we are here for!