Diabetes and gum disease

Dental Health & Diabetes

The human body is a biological gem by all definitions. Though we can fight off any number of maladies, we are susceptible to simple things like poor oral health and improper diets. In the case of diabetes and gum disease, the two can compound or even cause the other.

The Relationship

Research shows there is a strong correlation between different kinds of gum disease and Diabetes. More than 20 million Americans suffer from some form of dental complication directly because of Diabetes.

What makes this whole case so interesting is that apparently it’s a two-way street. Not only does having Diabetes make you more susceptible to gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, it can also make people that have these diseases more vulnerable to Diabetes as well. In simple terms, if you have either diabetes or gum diseases, chances are you’ll get the other condition soon enough.

Basic Knowledge

If you’re someone who suffers from one of these diseases and is worried about falling to the other one, then there are ways you can avoid aggravating your condition. For example, if your blood glucose levels are poorly controlled, you automatically become more susceptible to both gum disease and Diabetes. If you manage to fall victim to any gum disease, it’ll automatically cause your blood sugar to rise resulting in greater chances of you contacting diabetes.

How Do I Avoid These Problems?

As dangerous and scary as these conditions may seem, it’s actually very easy to ensure that you never fall victim to them. The first thing you can do is to keep your blood glucose level at a balanced level. Secondly, take your dental hygiene seriously and take care of your gums and teeth. You should also schedule a regular dentist’s appointment every 6 months to avoid any serious complications.

If you’re someone who wears dentures, be sure to take them out and clean them regularly and avoid smoking if possible. Though it’s not really that big of a deal but avoid having a dry mouth. Keep yourself and your mouth hydrated.

What to Expect From Professionals?

This is a question that a lot of people ask i.e. what should I expect from a medical professional if I have or am at risk of contacting both Diabetes and gum disease? It is very important that you listen to their advice and avoid the activities that they believe may harm your chances of recovery or further aggravate your condition. If your blood sugar isn’t on its ideal level, post-pone any medical procedure until you get it stabilized.