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The Difference Between Tooth-Colored Fillings and Metal Fillings

The Difference Between Tooth-Colored Fillings and Metal Fillings

Many different factors contribute to tooth decay. Eating and drinking different types of foods is the biggest one. Certain drugs also contribute, as can other habits like smoking. If you have to get a filling, there are different types of tooth filling material you can choose from, and different factors to consider when choosing them. Read about them all here.

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Teeth Whitening Options in Santa Fe

A bright, white smile can give you more confidence and make you feel better about yourself. When you’re seeking that smile, it’s a good idea to approach your dentist to see what can be done about it. There are many dental procedures that can help you achieve whiter teeth. But it’s important to know which is best, given your finances and your particular situation.

Don’t Believe Everything

Television commercials will have you believe that some do-it-yourself approaches will help you get whiter teeth. Many of these simply don’t work.

Your dentist will be able to evaluate your dental health and give you a customized solution to whiter, brighter teeth. Dentists usually recommend 3 methods that will lead to brighter, whiter teeth. They can suggest dental whitening procedures at their office, whitening tooth pastes, and whiteners that you can use at home. Let’s look at how each of these methods will work:

Dental Whitening Procedures

This method, also called in-office whitening, involves a dental procedure performed by the dentist at their office. First, the dentist applies a strong peroxide gel to your teeth and shines a light at the gel to initiate the procedure.

The strength of the gel allows you to get whiter teeth. If it is required, your dentist will also recommend a “scaling” procedure on your teeth to get rid of the excess plaque there.

Special Whitening Toothpastes

Special toothpastes help remove stains from your teeth. Some of the toothpastes have materials to make your teeth look brighter. There’s no actual color change or bleaching taking place. Rather, the toothpaste is polishing your teeth.

You brush your teeth with these toothpastes like you would with normal toothpastes. They may even take longer for you to see the effects, because they are just polishing your teeth.

Whitening at Home

You can also whiten teeth at home with whitening strips or gels. Or you can have a tray over your teeth with the gel inside it. A dentist-recommended whitener is better than a pharmacy bought one as the tray is custom-fitted for your teeth. This is going to reduce gum and gel contact. Your gums could be sensitive to the gel and can be get irritated.

These whiteners aren’t for long term use, however. Two weeks to a month of use should be enough. If you would like to know more about whitening procedures in Santa Fe, please contact us at Rogoff Dental Group.