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4 Reasons Behind Periodontal Issues

Before we discuss the reasons behind periodontal issues we must know what precedes them.

Gingivitis is the precursor of periodontitis. Gingivitis happens when you have inflamed gums and periodontitis happens when your gum or bone starts to get increasingly damaged.

What’s Gingivitis?

It’s when plaque gathers on the tooth surface. This causes gum irritation and swellings, making the gums appear red. When you try to brush your teeth, it causes pain and bleeding. The teeth are still intact and without permanent damage and so is the soft tissue.

When you leave your gingivitis as is, that leads to periodontitis.

What’s Periodontitis?

This is when the gum and bones in your mouth starts separating from your teeth. This causes gaps between your teeth and gums. This leaves your mouth with an open invitation to bacteria as food particles and other unwanted debris find a place in these empty spaces.

The bacteria in the plaque get attacked by your white blood cells to counter any ill effects. As a result, the plaque descends deeper into the pockets. This causes the bone and connective tissue to decay and rot.

Teeth can loosen up and fall out altogether. This is permanent damage here

What are the Reasons for Periodontal Issues?

1.     You Don’t Brush Enough

When you are not in the habit of brushing regularly and after every meal, you increase your chances of getting periodontal issues. It all starts with plaque that gathers on your Teeth when you eat food such as chips, pizza, burgers and tacos.

You can’t avoid plaque but you can brush it to stop it from hardening into tartar in a few days. That causes irritated gums, which is an early sign of gingivitis. And we all know now where gingivitis leads.

2.     Don’t Floss at All

If you brush but don’t floss, you’re also at fault.

 The leftover food pieces and other such debris will start to gather between your teeth and become plaque, and later tartar. This causes the same problems with your teeth and gums, slowly progressing towards gingivitis and then periodontitis and other periodontal issues.

3.     If You Are Susceptible to Diseases Such as Aids and Diabetes

When you have AIDs, diabetes or similar health issues that impact the immune system, you are at a greater risk of developing periodontal issues. When you have a weak immune system, there will be considerably less effort by your body to counteract the bacteria in the plaque causing a speedup of the process that leads to periodontal issues.

4.     If You Smoke Regularly

When you smoke or chew tobacco, you are exposed to a myriad of health problems like mouth cancer, asthma, lung cancer, breast cancer (it happens in men, too). You also get exposed to periodontal issues when you smoke. Stress also puts you at a greater risk of periodontitis.

The unwanted particulates in the smoke can deposit in between your teeth and gums causing you to develop periodontal issues like gingivitis and periodontitis. You can lose your teeth faster and periodontal treatments have less success rates if you smoke.

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