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Porcelain Crowns and 4 Must-Know Facts About Them

Porcelain crowns are replacements for the crown of your teeth that are rotten damaged or fractured. These crowns are the closest to natural teeth that you can get. They look perfect, owing in part to the fact that they reflect light by just the right amount to mimic natural teeth.

They are made of a heated ceramic material called porcelain that is shaped in the form of a natural crown. So they are, in essence, artificial and perfect for dental restoration techniques that involve replacement of crowns. They add an element of beauty to a smile and restore teeth back to their previous aesthetics

The Must Know Facts

1.    Simultaneously Artificial and Natural

It’s a well-known fact that porcelain crowns look incredibly natural. When people get other kinds of restoration for their teeth, they often get back to their dental practitioner with complaints that their teeth don’t look natural. This is not the case with the porcelain crowns.

The porcelain crown is a ceramic cast that encapsulates the tooth. This means that even if your enamel has decayed and fallen off because of infections or sports injuries, your tooth will continue to function as normal. If you apply the same bite force that you used to earlier when your enamel was intact, you will not damage of break the porcelain crown.

When you have gotten a dental procedure involving a porcelain crown, after a certain period of time, most people will not be able to tell the difference between your natural and the one where you had the porcelain crown replacement.

2.    They Help Change the Look of the Teeth to Your Preference

Gaps start appearing between teeth at times that make your smile look unsightly. But porcelain crowns are there to help you out!

 In an effort to make your teeth appear more natural and your smile brighter, the gaps are filled with the porcelain crowns. They are then shaped to help the porcelain crown teeth blend in their new home. You don’t need to worry about your misshapen teeth with porcelain crowns to make them appear natural.

3.    Ideal for Dental Restoration

It can be really painful, physically and emotionally, when your tooth starts to crack or chip. It gets worse if it falls off. So before that happens you need to see your dentist and get help in the form of a dental checkup and procedure. It is necessary to restore the tooth if you want to preserve your teeth.

If you had an infection earlier which caused much of your enamel to disappear, you need to get a dental procedure involving a porcelain crown if you are to prevent the infection from getting worse. Porcelain crowns are ideal for this kind of dental restoration procedure since they give you that natural look. Plus, they’re very durable.

4.    Very Durable

By some estimates, the crowns can last more than 10 years, making them a very durable solution for your teeth. They do not fall out or loosen up easily, making them quite advantageous.

If you need a dental procedure involving a porcelain crown to get that natural beauty of your teeth back, contact us at Rogoff Dental Group.