pulling teeth

Reasons Why a Dentist Needs to Pull a Tooth or Several Teeth

No one wants to lose their teeth. However, dentists sometimes suggest getting rid of a tooth in order to relieve pain. It’s a prevalent misconception that dentists recommend extraction of a tooth as soon as it goes bad. However, dentists aren’t your enemies. They don’t extract a tooth in adults unless there is no other way. It’s the last resort when no other treatment seems to work.

Here are the major scenarios when extraction of a tooth is necessary.


Tooth decay can be controlled at the early stages. However, if the problem stays for long, harmful bacteria can reach the dental pulp. It’s the central part of a tooth where blood vessels and nerves are present. Bacteria can cause infection in tooth’s pulp. Dentists treat the infection with root canal therapy or endodontic therapy.

However, if the treatment and antibiotics fail to get rid of the infection, tooth extraction is the only option. If the infection is left untreated, it may spread and damage other teeth as well.


Trauma and decay are the worst enemies of your teeth. If your tooth gets damaged, your dentist may repair it with a dental crown. A dental crown is a cap that covers a damaged tooth in order to restore its shape and to protect it from further damage. It covers the entire tooth, from the gum line to its top surface. However, it isn’t possible to use a crown if the tooth is extensively damaged. If a tooth is severely broken, your best bet is to get rid of it to avoid any complications.


If there are many cracks in a tooth, it won’t be easy to repair it. These cracks may appear due to any reason such as head injury or the impact of chewing hard food the wrong way. If the cracks are minor, your dentist can repair teeth. However, if the cracks extend to the roots, your dentist is more likely to suggest its extraction.

Overcrowded Teeth

If your teeth aren’t properly aligned, it may be because your teeth are too large. In order to restore their alignment, it’s necessary to get rid of a tooth. This procedure is commonly performed before a patient gets braces or other dental treatment.

Another similar dental problem is known as impaction in which your teeth leave their original position and grow in the other direction. They block the way for other teeth. Therefore, dentists remove the impacted teeth to make space for the remaining teeth.

Wisdom teeth are usually problematic and cause severe pain. Under most circumstances, it’s essential to get rid of wisdom teeth via surgical extraction.

Gum Diseases

Certain gum diseases affect the health of your gums. If you’re suffering from the problem, you may lose your teeth in no time. It occurs when a gap is formed between teeth and gums and these pockets get infected with bacteria. If a dentist doesn’t remove the affected tooth, the infection may damage bones, gums, and tissues that support your teeth.