Committed to Excellence

Committed to excellence in dentistry as well as progressive, environmental and humanitarian causes. More than a promise, it’s the guiding principle for everything we do.

That means we’re committed first to total dental health, the harmony of three essential elements – strong, decay-free teeth; healthy, disease-free gums; and a properly functioning occlusion or bite. It’s a harmony that comes only from close attention to detail, including the best quality x-rays and impressions, high-power magnification and the most exacting dental laboratories and zero-defect dental technique.

With most people, simply achieving total dental health will give them a smile they are satisfied with. Some, though, may wish to do more and take advantage of the full array of cosmetic options we offer. These, too, we approach with the same high-level attention to detail and artful technique.

Whether your needs call for general, cosmetic or more complex restorative dentistry, the most successful course of treatment depends on your dentist’s ability to exercise care, skill and judgment. Care, to make your health and appearance the highest priority. Skill, to expertly perform whatever is needed with total precision. And judgment, to know and help you decide the best options to meet your needs.

That’s the promise we make. And that’s the promise we keep.