Advanced Technology

Digital x-rays help us understand, document and store your records. We also use them to help you better understand dental needs and treatment options.

State-of-the Art Panographic X-ray Machine takes very high resolution images using ultra-low radiation. Patient comfort is greatly enhanced, since the x-rays are taken from the outside of the face.  

High Powered Magnification and Lighting used during treatment is absolutely essential to a high quality result.

Tooth Lasers are used to help us to detect hard-to-find tooth decay. Periodontal lasers are used to non-invasively reduce bacteria in the mouth from the billions to the hundreds.

High Resolution Photographs are used for diagnosis, treatment planning and patient education. Each new patient gets a full series of photographs taken of the mouth.

Most important, technology does NOT replace care, skill and judgment when providing a dental diagnosis and treatment. The latest equipment is wonderful to have. But it works best only when truly needed and the technique employed is properly planned and executed.