Solar Office

We at the Rogoff Dental Group are profoundly aware of the environmental crisis that faces us all. By engaging our community in energy awareness we aspire to positively impact our collective future.

We all leave a carbon footprint, and businesses like dental offices leave a significant one. Between all our computers, compressors, vacuums, climate control, and our X-ray equipment, we use about 37,200 kilowatt hours per year. This is the equivalent of 11 tons of CO2 emissions annually, and that doesn’t even include the fuel it takes to get us all here. (By comparison, the average household of four uses about 9,500 kilowatt hours per year.)

In recognition of this, we are proud that we’ve installed our solar panels and pleased that all our kilowatts now come from the sun. In fact, not only are we powering our facility, but we are also able to provide energy to the electric cars that visit us. And our carbon footprint is a fraction of that of most dental offices.  

The starting point in turning this crisis around is increased consciousness. We know that the addition of solar to our office has increased our awareness of our footprint, and we hope it will increase the awareness of our patients as well.