Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry sometimes called biological dentistry, holistic dentistry recognizes that any problems that occur in a patient's mouth may affect his or her overall health and vice versa. Attention to materials used and patients’ reactions to the environment in general are closely considered.

We do not use mercury fillings in our office, a benefit for both patients and staff. We are often asked to remove old mercury fillings and replace them with safe, biologically compatible materials. We do this in accordance with the IAOMT (the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) which is the governing body for safe and effective amalgam removal. We are one of the few members of the IAOMT in the state of New Mexico.
When mercury fillings are removed, we take many precautions to provide patients with the ultimate in safety. During removal, a rubber dam is placed around a set of teeth, which seals and isolates the fillings from the rest of the mouth. Also, a nasal hood provides oxygen, while a drape protects both the facial skin and body of the patient. (Please see photo below)

We also do our very best to keep our patients sensitivities in mind. Whether it be environmental or chemical, we can often find solutions to the most complex sensitivities.